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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
6353Member NodesTaskClosedNormalAdd support for ORNL Mercury metadata schema to the Metacat schema catalog in each environmentChris Jones2014-11-24 19:07
6350InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalAdd support for Qualified Dublin Core metadata to the Metacat schema catalog in each environmentChris Jones2014-09-11 16:00Environment.Production
6331Member NodesTaskClosedNormalDetermine why Node Registry prevents MN cert from updating node capabilitiesChris Jones2014-09-02 21:02
6165Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a production client certificate for RGDChris Jones2014-11-24 14:56
6164Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a production client for EDORAChris Jones2014-11-24 14:57
6047Member NodesTaskClosedNormalValidate EDORA content against the ORNL Mercury schemaChris Jones2014-11-24 14:57
6038InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalDataONE API version 2 needs to be supportedChris Jones2015-06-01 14:27
5330Member NodesTaskClosedNormalCorrect formatIds for CLOEBIRD gzip'd data objectsChris Jones2014-06-11 00:02
5137InfrastructureTaskNewNormalFix DataONE CA chain file location in cn-buildoutChris Jones2014-04-25 15:06d1_cn_buildout
5136InfrastructureTaskNewNormalChange DNS seetings on all DataONE VMsChris Jones2014-05-08 03:16Environment.Production
5127Member NodesTaskClosedNormalRegenerate a client certificate for ORNLDAAC and revoke the old certificateChris Jones2018-01-22 22:15
5121Member NodesTaskNewNormalFix DryadDataFile instance documents with no dcterms:creator elementChris Jones2014-04-30 19:25
4788Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a client test certificate for SCChris Jones2015-01-02 16:46
4466InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalBase VM operating systems and sofware need to be upgradedChris Jones2014-07-18 03:28Environment.Production
4465InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalCCI 1.2.5 Feature ReleaseChris Jones2014-03-31 18:19
4268Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a client test certificate for RGDChris Jones2014-11-24 14:55
4267Member NodesTaskClosedNormalGenerate a client test certificate for EDORAChris Jones2014-11-24 14:57
4235InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalEnable bulk read of system metadata from all 3 CNsChris Jones2014-07-30 20:26d1_replication_auditor
4234InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalRefactor Metacat DAO to use bulk data transfer callsChris Jones2014-07-30 20:26d1_replication_auditor
4233InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalPersist the Merged System MetadataChris Jones2014-07-30 20:25d1_replication_auditor
4223InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalImplement the Metacat DAO layer for accessing/updating systemmetadataChris Jones2014-07-30 03:24d1_replication_auditor
4213InfrastructureTaskClosedNormalEvaluate deleted identifiers on each CNChris Jones2014-03-14 17:43Metacat
4193InfrastructureStoryClosedNormalRelease CCI 1.2.4 FeaturesChris Jones2014-01-06 18:46
4136InfrastructureTaskIn ProgressNormalMake cosmetic changes to the distribution mapChris Jones2014-03-31 17:41d1_dashboard
4125InfrastructureTaskNewNormalMock up an informational section of the Member Node detail viewChris Jones2014-03-31 17:41d1_dashboard
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